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Who is a Ranger?

The U.S. Army Ranger Association has been asked to weigh in on the question of who qualifies to use the title U.S. Army Ranger.  Those who study Ranger history will know that this until-now good natured barracks debate has flared in one form or another for at least seventy years.  The short answer to this question is that anyone who graduated from the U.S. Army's Ranger School or who served in a Ranger-designated unit qualifies. 

Please click here for the full discussion of this issue.

Distinguished Speaker Series

The next Distinguished Speaker Series presentation is scheduled to occur on Friday, April 16, 2021 with the 75th Ranger Regiment's Regimental Psychologist, Major Jeremy Noble. Registration will be made available soon HERE.

Below is a recording of the previous DSS with BG Craig Nixon.

USARA Online Store

USARA's new online store, supported by American Trigger Pullers, features golf shirts, t shirts, hats, stickers, drinkware, and more.  Click the link in the banner above, or the image below to visit now!


The July 17, 2020 General Member meeting may be viewed here:

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