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2024 ARM

  • 06/24/2024
  • 06/28/2024
  • Columbus, Georgia


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  • Members of USARA, WAR, 75th RRA, USMRA, Sons of Mosby Motorcycle Association, and Killer Mans Sons Motorcycle Club.




The US Army Ranger Association invites you to attend this year's Annual Ranger Muster (ARM).  This year's ARM will occur from June 24-28, 2028, and will be hosted at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Columbus, Georgia. Events will take place throughout the Columbus-Ft. Moore area and will be highlighted by the 75th Ranger Regiment's Battalion Change of Command Week and Ranger Hall of Fame events. USARA proudly welcomes all members of the Ranger community to participate in the ARM.  Active duty Rangers, veterans, families, and Ranger supporters are all welcome, including members of our sister Ranger organizations such as the 75th Ranger Regiment Association, Worldwide Army Rangers, US Mountain Ranger Association, Sons of Mosby Motorcycle Association, and Killer Mans Sons Motorcycle Club.  


Registration for the event must be made through the Association's website.  Advanced registration permits us to more accurately plan for events, so we provide a discount to those who pre-register.  Registration for USARA member and non-members is now open at the link on the left-hand side of this page. 


Do you have photos of your time as Ranger? This year USARA would love to display those photos during the USARA President's Dinner! Please share those photos to steve.brown@ranger.org.


If you would like to purchase an ARM polo, please click on this link. Shirts will be shipped directly from our vendor to your address, so if you would like to be able to wear your shirt at the event, please be sure to order far enough in advance.  Shirts will not be available for purchase on-site this year.


Join us on Monday, June 24 at 6:00 pm at Scofflaw Brewing, 1421 6th Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, to mingle and network with fellow Rangers.  

PResident's DINNER & Guest Speaker:

The President's Banquet will occur the evening of Wednesday, June 26, 2024.  It will be hosted at the Bo Bartlett Center in downtown Columbus. Tickets can be purchased at the link to the left.

Prior to the evening's festivities, we will announce the winners of this year's ARM Raffle. Tickets may be purchased on-site during the ARM, as well as in advance online.

We are proud to announce that General (Ret) Austin S. (Scott) Miller will be USARA's 2024 guest speaker for the President’s Dinner.

General Austin Scott Miller recently retired after nearly 40 years in the United States Army. He supported, led, and shaped the most challenging national security issues at the highest levels of the United States government.

Throughout his military career, Scott worked side-by-side with diverse, multinational teams. Most recently, he commanded all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. He is known for fostering a deep sense of trust amongst his teams through transparent communication, competence, and empowerment. His areas of expertise include building positive cultures that create inclusive, durable, and high-performing cross-functional teams. He knows that the right culture provides organizations a competitive edge and allows them to more readily adapt to positive change and growth.

As Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Scott directed U.S. operations in complex geopolitical regions including the Indo-Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and South Asia. As the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at Ft. Benning, he led the initiative to integrate women into the prestigious U.S. Army Ranger School; a significant advancement that laid the foundation for women to pursue top positions across the Army. He also commanded Assault Forces in Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down).

Through Miller Advisory Group, Scott challenges and guides individuals and companies to increase their competitive advantage by understanding their business goals, leveraging and integrating technology, and being relentlessly adaptive to execute strategy. With four decades of crisis management experience, he applies lessons learned through optimizing individual and team performance to determine the best way forward in today’s complex world. He remains interested and active in the intersection of national security and commercial innovation.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Marine Corps Senior Service College.



MONDAY 24 June 24

1200-1500 75th RR - Helocast and BBQ (Victory Pond) [Open to the public]

1800-2100 USARA Ranger & Guest Meet & Greet/TRF Mentor Meet Up (Scofflaw Brewing)

TUESDAY 25 June 24

1000-1100 USARA EC Meeting (Fountain Room, Downtown Marriott)

1100-1200 USARA Board Meeting (Fountain Room, Downtown Marriott)

1200-1300 USARA General Membership Meeting (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriott)

1430-1600 75th RR - ACFT [Best Squad] (RSTB Covered Training area on the Regiment’s compound, Ft. Moore)

1300-UTC Best Shot Competition (Krilling Range, Ft. Moore)

1300-UTC Best Medic Competition (Peden Field, Ft. Moore)

1300-UTC Best Machine Gun Team (Wagner Range, Ft. Moore)

1300-UTC Ranger Stakes (3/75 EIB Field, Ft.Moore)

1300-UTC M4 Zero/Qual [Best Squad] (Ft. Moore)

1100-1230 75th RR - Gold Star Family Luncheon (TBA, Invitation Only)

1800 RHOF Dinner (National Infantry Museum, Paid & Invited Guests)

WEDNESDAY 26 June 24

0630-UTC 75th RR- Ruck March, Land NAV [Best Squad] (Ft. Moore)

0900-0930 Briefing on a new organization that is being developed to guide the effort behind the building of a Ranger Hall of Fame and Community Center by Candyss Bryant (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriott)

1000-1100 USARA RHOF Presentation by Steven Brown (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriott)

1000 State of the 75th Regiment Brief (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)

1100 Distinguished and Honorary Members of the Regiment (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)

1300-1400 RHOF Ceremony (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)

1300-UTC 75th RR - Combatives Prelims (Freedom Hall, Ft. Moore)

1530 4th Annual Ranger Cornhole Tournament (Scofflaw Brewery)

1830 USARA President's Dinner (Bo Bartlet Center, Paid & Invited Guests) 

THURSDAY 27 June 24

0500-0900 75th RR - Endurathon (TBA) (Ft. Moore)

0630-0800 75th RR PT (Peden Field)

1000-1045 VA/WWP Brief- John Bartow (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriot)

1100-1200 75th RR - Rangers Scholarship Fund Award Ceremony (Atrium of 75th RR - RHQ)

1300-1330 Ranger for Life Brief - Mike Hall (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriot)

1345-1415 Ranger Scholarship Fund - Ike Eisenbarth (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriot)

1430-1530 WAR Board Meeting (Fountain Room, Downtown Marriot)

1530-1630 WAR General Membership Meeting (Chattahoochee Room, Downtown Marriot)

1500-UTC 75th RR - Ranger BBQ - Combatives Finals - Rendezvous Awards Ceremony (ADAG/Freedom Hall) [Open to the public, food trucks will be available at the individual’s expense]

FRIDAY 28 June 24

1000 75th RR - CoC (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)

1100 75th RR -Reception (Medal of Honor Room, Ft. Moore)

MORE EVENTS TO COME! Check back for updates!